Cameroon – 2012 – 1000 Francs – Unicorn with crystal insert (PROOF)


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Metal: Ag.999, Pure Silver
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 20 grams
Special: Real OPAL gemstone as moon
Mintage: Very low mintage, only 888 coins

Once upon a time, a hunter in the forest saw a brilliant white unicorn in the distance, emerging from a river and gleaming like the
moon. Enchanted by the sight, the hunter called together his friends and gave chase. But the unicorn knew that men could never
catch him, so he playfully waited for the hunters to draw close before bounding out of view. After a while, the unicorn came to a
stop in front of a beautiful young maiden sitting under a tree. She reached out, combed his curling mane and rubbed his horn
until he lay his head in her lap. But it was a trap! Looking up at the maiden, the unicorn saw her brown eyes were filled with tears
and realized her deceit too late—the dogs and men suddenly seized him and carried him away. Afterward, the maiden remained
in the woods, despondent. As she leaned down to wash away her tears in the stream, a movement in the distance caught her
eye: she couldn’t be sure, but she thought it was the shining horn of a unicorn disappearing into the night.