Cook Islands – 2015 – 5 Dollars – Imperial Egg in Cloisonné DIAMOND EGG (including box) (PROOF)

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Issue date at the end of November 2014, delivery after issue date.

Metal: .999 Silver
Weight: 20g
Diameter: 30x43mm
Mintage: 2’500 pcs
Quality: Proof

Eggs are an essential part of our world and true marvels of evolution. They create a microcosm that contains everything which is necessary to create new life. With the exception of air nothing penetrates the finest pores of the protective shell.

Painting and decorating eggshells has a long tradition in many cultures. Besides actual eggs, egg-shaped pieces of art are also decorated. In this regard the approximately 50 Fabergé eggs are of special significance. Each of these unique pieces is just as impressive as it is valuable.