Equatorial Guinea – 2015 – 1000 Francos CFA – Butterflies in 3D MARIPOSAS EXOTICAS (PROOF)


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Issue date at the end of November 2014, delivery after issue date.

Metal: .925 Silver
Weight: 25g
Diameter: 38.61mm
Mintage: 2’500 pcs
Quality: Proof

Special box included Graphium policenes or Common Swordtail is a butterfly belonging to the Papillionidae family. It is indigenous to all forest regions in sub-Saharan Africa. The females with their wingspan of approximately 70 mm are usually slightly bigger than the males, but are spotted far less frequently.

The males have scales on the inner surface of their wings, with which they spread pheromones, in order to attract females. The female, on the other hand, is able to determine the age and fertility of a potential partner based on the scent.