Ghana – 2003 – 500 Sika – KM49 Marine Life Leatherback Sea Turtle Silver (PROOF)

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In 1970 the leatherback turtle was listed as endangered species. The largest living turtle can reach a total length of over 2 meters and a weight of more than 350 kg. The front flippers may span up to 250 cm in an adult.

Leatherbacks are found all over the world, nesting on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, in the northern Atlantic, in the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. 60 to 100 eggs are buried in the night in the sand and seven weeks later, when the eggs hatch, the babies rush back to the water.

It feeds on jellyfish and other soft bodied sea animals as well as plants. Estimated 20000-30000 leatherback female turtle exist worldwide.
Habit destructions by boots near the shores, incidental catch in commercial fisheries, eating the variety of marine debris like plastic pieces, absorption of toxic byproducts and the harvesting or destruction of eggs on the nesting beaches are the greatest threats to the survival of the leatherback. The authorities of Ghana have established protection efforts on the their nesting beaches.