Israel – 2013 – 2 Sheqel – David Playing for Saul (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .999
Weight:31.1 g
Diameter: 38.7mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 2’800 pcs

The image of David playing the harp for Saul to relieve him from his depression after the kingship was taken away from him, reflects the rise and fall of Saul described in the Book of Samuel I.
In the time of the Judges, the Philistines were a constant menace to the people of Israel and the people asked the Prophet Samuel for a King. Saul the son of Qish from the Tribe of Benjamin was chosen, a choice young man and handsome….taller than any of the people (I Samuel 9:2).
Saul’s kingship lasted for two years and was torn by war against the Philistines. Further to this, he was commanded by G-d through Samuel to wage war against Amalek. Saul, however, instead of exerting his authority as king, listened to the people, who urged him to have mercy on Amalek. Thus began his downfall for not obeying the word of G-d. Commanded by G-d, Samuel took the kingship away from him.
Samuel was then sent by G-d to take a king from the sons of Jesse the Bethlehemite. Jesse brought his sons before Samuel but not one of them was deemed fit for the kingship by G-d. When he finally brought his youngest son, David the shepherd, ruddy with fine eyes and good looking (I Samuel 16:12), G-d commanded Samuel Arise, anoint him: for this is he (I Samuel 16:12).
From this day onwards, the spirit of G-d left Saul and passed to David. An evil spirit tormented Saul. To help him, Saul’s servants suggested that a man who can play well be brought to him. David the son of Jesse, whose anointment as king was as yet unknown, was chosen and brought before Saul. David played sweetly on his harp and relieved Saul of his depressive spirit.

Saul’s imminent disappearance as king is represented on the coin by an outlined background image of Saul seated on the throne, his crown detached from his head. In the foreground, David, the young shepherd whose anointment as future king was not yet known, is depicted playing for Saul.