Palau – 2010 – 1 Dollar – The Coins of the Roman Empire DOMITIAN (BU)


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Metal: Gold .9999
Weight: 0.5 g
Diameter: 11.8 mm
Quality: BU
Mintage: 15’000 pcs.

An Aureus with the image of Emperor Domitian, the second son of Emperor Vespasian. Domitian ruled from 81–96 as third and last Emperor of the Flavian dynasty. In the year 83 he conquered further regions in Germania and secured the new border with limes. On the occasion of his triumphal procession in Rome to celebrate the victory over the Germanics he called himself DOMITIANUS AVGVSTVS GERMANICUS. In honour of his brother Domitian he completed the construction of the Arch of Titus. His last reigning years were characterised by distrust and fear of a conspiracy. He was in fact deceitfully murdered by the trustee of his niece Domitilla. He died without a direct successor.