Palau – 2012 – 5 dollars – My Lovely Bear (including box) (PROOF)


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Metal Silver .925
Weight 20 g
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 2012
The furry teddy bear, in numerous variations, has comforted and delighted small children for over one hundred years. Even adults fall in love with the button eyes of the most popular toy in the world. Who cannot remember having confided their secrets and thoughts to a small furry teddy bear? As a child one was convinced that the cuddly toy had a soul and that it nderstood every word one whispered to it. Therefore, for over one hundred years, the popular cuddly toy has been doing a valuable job. In the past the bear was mostly a symbol for danger, however this changed abruptly at the beginning of the 20th century – the bear found its way into the nurseries of this world. The German company Steiff developed the very first cuddly bear, “55PB“. According to legend, the teddy bear became the namesake of the American President of that time, Theodore “Teddy“, Roosevelt. On an unsuccessful bear hunt, Roosevelt refused to shoot a baby bear which was tied to a tree. Afterwards a cartoonist drew a small comic of Roosevelt and “Teddy’s Bear“. Immediately the name became popular and after initial difficulties in sales, the new children’s favourite sold rapidly.

Not only do children’s eyes start gleaming at the mere sight of the furry toys, but also adults cannot withstand the bear’s magic. Therefore, individual unique and rare collector teddy bears are sold for huge sums at auctions.