Palau – 2012 – 5 dollars – World of Wonders VIENNA FERRIS WHEEL (including box) (PROOF)


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Metal Silver .925
Weight 20 g
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 2500
One year before Emperor Franz Joseph I.
50th jubilee, the biggest Ferris wheel in the world at that time (overall diameter 60, 96 m) was declared open. As the biggest attraction in the most probably first theme-park in the world, the “Wiener Prater”, it has been making its rounds since 1897. However, back then only a few could afford a ride on this attraction because the fares were very high.
After the British owner was expropriated in 1916 the Ferris wheel was available for purchase at an auction. But only three years later, a Prague businessman bought it, who at first wanted to tear it down but then found a franchisee for the attraction after all.
Like many other buildings the Ferris wheel was not spared in the Second World War and burned down in 1944. After this disaster the owners assumed that the Ferris wheel could no longer hold the load of the gondolas anymore and therefore, used only 15 of the original 30 gondolas.
Today a museum is located near the Ferris wheel and the cabins can be hired for various occasions. As a result individual cabins are adapted to form small candlelight rooms.