Somalia – 2006 – 4000 Shillings – Three Wise Monkeys Silver (PROOF)


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.925 silver with 24kt gilding, 25 grams, 38.61mm diameter, 2500 pieces

?To see nothing, to hear nothing, to say nothing.? This proverb originates from an old Buddhist legend . In Japanese it means: ? Mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru.? The negative form of the verb – zaru – sounds very similar to the Japanese word for monkey, which is saru. Therefore it is obvious that the worldly wisdom is represented by using three monkeys, which alternately keep their ears, mouth and eyes shut.

The image originates from the 17th century and rapidly became popular in the whole world. It is amazing how the meaning of the Three Wise Monkeys has fundamentally changed. With the statement ?not wanting to hear, not wanting to see, not wanting to speak?, in fact, ?disavow everything?, they are considered a symbol for ignorance and the lack of courage to stand up for one?s beliefs. Originally – and in Asia up to date – the Three Monkeys stand for the exact opposite, namely an absolute ideal exposure with the bad. The Buddhist teachings refer to: ?See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil?. It goes without saying that, in this eastern tradition, our silver coin with the three partial gold plated chimpanzees, stands for: Avoid all evil!