Palau – 2016 – 5 Dollars – Miracle of the Sea PEARL(including box) (PROOF)


With smartminting technology

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Available at the end of March 2016, delivery after issue date.

Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 1oz
Dimension: 38.61 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 2’500 pcs

The latest pearl of the hugely popular Marine Life series is set in a Triton trumpet which, thanks to smartminting, rises well above the background scenery. Due to the ultra-high relief it seems lifelike and within reach.

Triton trumpets (Charonia tritonis) are giant conches and with a length of up to 60 cm they are the biggest molluscs in the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. Astonishingly, they like to feed on starfish which they paralyse and soften with their acidic saliva.