We accept different payment methods.


You can pay your order by banktransfer from your bank account to ours. Transfers can be made to one of our accounts in the Netherlands or France (also cheque). For other countries please select the international transfer which is free of costs within Europe also. We also accept French cheques. Our bank details you will receive in the email when you make an order; if you do not have this email anymore please contact us.


We accept both MasterCard and Visa. For any payment through one of these system we charge the real fees we have to pay to the financial institutions to you. These are 6 euro for orders 0-150 euro, 8 euro for orders 150-250 euro and a maximum of 10 euro for any order above this amount. All prices in our website are excluding these costs as they do not apply for any other payment method which are free of costs.

Wechat pay & Alipay

We accept both Wechat pay & Alipay. Please select this payment method at checkout!

Important payment notes

Very important: with your payment ALWAYS write your order number and make for each order only one payment for the exact amount to be paid. This way we can process your payment automatic; if you do not write an order number we cannot process your payment. We normally process payments within 5 working days.

Payment reminders

Your payment must be received by us within 10 working days after receiving the order. If your payment is not arrived in time we will contact you first by email. If we do not receive a payment at all it will always be given to a dept collecting agency, the amount does not matter. Please note that from a second reminder we will charge administration fees.

ATTENTION: if you receive a payment reminder and you have payed more then 5 working days before please contact us immediate.
ATTENTION: if you have had a payment reminder once it will not be possible to buy and pay after anymore.