Our guarantee

We guarantee the authenticity of all sold collectors items.

It is unpleasent if an article arrives damaged. In such cases contact us directly (within 5 working days). Do not directly sent the damaged product back. It is possible that only a part must be replaced like a box. In each case we will offer a suitable solution.

Our return policy

It is possible to return products under certain conditions. If a products has arrived damaged please look under “guarantee”. If you have received a wrong product it is also possible to sent it back. Before sending a product back always contact us, if you do not do this we cannot accept the return.

It is possible to return products within 5 working days after receiving as all items are under the influence of changes in silver or gold prices. If products are returned later then this period we will not accept them and your payment obligation stays. Products must be returned in original package and undamaged. Products must be packed well and shipping due payed; the risk of sending back is at your risk. Unpaid returns or if we must pay to the courier are not accepted.

Refunds take place within 14 days after receiving the product back. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

ATTENTION: coins made of precious metal are under influence of rates. This kind of coins are in principle not taken back. Also each other coin under influence of market fluctuations are not taken back. If you want to return such a coin always contact us for possibilities.