Delivery times of NumisCollect

Within 48 hours after you have made the order you will receive a final order confirmation (if not, please contact us). In here is written when your order will be sent out. This depends on several factors like stock, possible delivery time from our suppliers, presale before issue and so on. If everything is in stock your order will be sent without 48 hours. If this is not the case you will be informed. If the order must be pre-paid the sending will take place 48 hours after receiving your payment.

In general we sent all parcels by postNL (possible express couriers please ask). The delivery time of the post depends to where and with which service your order will be sent. Take note of the following times:
Within the Netherlands: 1-3 working days
To Germany-Belgium-Luxembourg: 2-5 working days
Rest of Europe: 5 to 10 working days
World: up to 21 days pending customs.
Delays: If your order does not arrive within this time plus 5 more working days (unforseen happenings at the post) contact us so we can check the status of the sending.

Shippingcosts at NumisCollect

We calculate the following standard fees for shipping:

Within the Netherlands (our location) by postNL: 5.99 euro flatrate with tracking.
Orders over 250 euro have free shipment within the Netherlands.

In the rest of the world we ship by postNL: 11.99 euro flatrate with tracking.
Worldwide free shipping is available for orders over 400 euro.

We also offer courier express shipments (arrives in 2-4 days) by Fedex or UPS at a flatrate of 59 euro worldwide.