Below is a list of different qualities of coins, explaining the various grades and their characteristics.

General quality terms

  • PROOF: Coins struck with polished dies and polished coin blanks, resulting in a mirror-like finish and exceptional detail.
  • PROOF LIKE: Struck with polished dies, these coins have a shiny appearance but may not have the same level of detail as PROOF coins.
  • BU (Brilliant Uncirculated): Coins with no signs of wear or damage, retaining their original mint luster.
  • UNC (Uncirculated): Coins that have never been in circulation, showing no signs of wear.
  • AU (Almost Uncirculated): Coins with very minimal wear, typically only on the highest points.
  • EF (Extremely Fine): Coins with slight wear on the high points but all details are sharp and clear.
  • VF (Very Fine): Coins with moderate wear, with major features still clear but finer details worn.
  • F (Fine): Coins with significant wear, where major features are visible but have lost most of their finer details.

Coin Grading System

The coin grading system uses a scale from 1 to 70 to evaluate a coin’s condition, with higher numbers indicating better quality. MS (Mint State) grades are for uncirculated coins, with MS70 being a perfect coin with no imperfections and MS69 having very slight imperfections. This system helps standardize coin evaluations and ensures consistent and accurate assessments of a coin’s condition.

These grades help collectors and investors understand the condition and potential value of a coin.