Pitcairn Islands – 2013 – 2 dollars – Deep Sea Fish EURYPHARYNX PELECANOIDES (Including box) (PROOF)


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Metal: .925 Silver
Weight: 1 / 2 oz
Diameter: 35 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 1.000 pcs

The pelican eel, Eurypharynx pelecanoides, is a deep-sea fish rarely seen by humans, though it is occasionally caught in fishing nets. It is an eel-like fish and the only known member of the genus Eurypharynx and the family Eurypharyngidae. It belongs to the order Saccopharyngiformes, which is closely related to the true eels in Anguilliformes. It is also sometimes referred to as the umbrella-mouth gulper (eel). The specific epithet pelecanoides refers to the pelican, as the fish’s large mouth is reminiscent of that of the bird.