Andorra – 2009 – 8 x 10 Dinars – Frederic Chopin Anniversary Coin Collection (PROOF)



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Face Value Metal Fineness Weight Diameter Quality Mintage
8x 10 Dinars Silver .925 8x 25 gr 38.61mm PROOF 1?810
Issue date: end august 2009

A stunning set of coins has been released by Andorra. With a low mintage rarely issued by Andorra. Only 1810 coins of each motive exist worldwide (only 1610 sets in official Piano box) compared to regular Andorra issues of over 10000 coins. With the upcoming Chopin year 2010 this coin set is an ultimate collector?s item and gift to be sold out quickly. The issue date is August 2009 but already now the worldwide request for this set is ultimate high. Collectors worldwide are requesting this set and the request is higher than the mintage of only 1610 sets. Do not miss your set!

Each coins depict an important happening in the live of Chopin
– Warsaw 1821: Chopin & Tsar Alexander I, the first public performance of Chopin for Alexander I. Addition coin specs: partially colored
– Vienna 1829: Chopin & Kaerntertor Theater, Chopin?s debut was in this theater in 1829. Addition coin specs: regular silver proof coin
– Paris 1832: Chopin & Polonaise, depicting a painting with Chopin playing the polonaise painted by Teofil Kwiatkowski. Addition coin specs: colored coin
– Dresden 1836: Chopin & Maria Wodzinska, both portraits are painted by Maria (self portrait). Maria was chopin fiancée. Addtion coin specs: partially colored & Swarovski crystal set into the coin
– Mallorca 1838: Chopin & George Sand, George sand was Chopin?s 2nd relation. They spend time on Mallorca. Portraits painted by French painter Delacroix. Addtion coin specs: partially colored & Swarovski crystal set into the coin
– Paris 1848: Chopin & his piano. Coin depicts a portrait gilded of Chopin and his (real) piano. Addition coin specs: partly gold plated
– Paris 1849: Chopin & his hand and signature. Coin depicts a real cast of his hand plus his signature. Addition coin specs: regular silver proof coin
– Warsaw 1849: Chopin only photo & tomb. Coin depicts the only photo known to exist of Chopin and an image of the holy cross church where his hart is kept. Addition coin specs: regular silver proof coin

Frédéric Chopin (1 March 1810 ? 17 October 1849) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist. He was one of the great masters of Romantic music.
Chopin was born in the village of Żelazowa Wola, in the Duchy of Warsaw, to a French-expatriate father and Polish mother, and in his early life was regarded as a child-prodigy pianist. In November 1830, at the age of twenty, he went abroad; following the suppression of the Polish November Uprising of 1830?1831, he became one of many expatriates of the Polish Great Emigration.
In Paris, Chopin made a comfortable living as a composer and piano teacher, while giving few public performances. Though an ardent Polish patriot, in France he used the French versions of his names and eventually, to avoid having to rely on Imperial Russian documents, became a French citizen. After some ill-fated romantic involvements with Polish women, from 1837 to 1847 he had a turbulent relationship with the French writer George Sand (Aurore Dudevant). Always in frail health, he died in Paris in 1849, at the age of thirty-nine, of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis.
Chopin’s extant compositions were written primarily for the piano as a solo instrument. Though they are technically demanding, his style emphasises nuance and expressive depth. Chopin invented musical forms such as the ballade[15] and was responsible for major innovations in forms such as the piano sonata, mazurka, waltz, nocturne, étude, impromptu and prélude. His works are masterpieces and mainstays of Romanticism in 19th-century classical music.