Belarus – 2008 – 20 Roubles – Turandot (fairy tales series) (BU)

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with a zircon!


Issuing Bank: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Face value: 20 Roubles
Metal: 925/1000 Ag oxidized with orange zircon
Finish: Uncirculated
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Weight: 28.28 g
Mintage: up to 25,000 pcs

The central part of the coin depicts a boy and a girl sitting on a stylized Moon and reading a book of tales. The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus is placed in the middle, atop the image of the boy and the girl, between the words of an inscription ?Republic of Belarus?, which is engraved in a semicircle. The denomination ? ? twenty roubles? ? is inscribed at the bottom. Above it the number 2008 refers to the year of issue.

In the central part, an image of the Princess Turandot – the title character of the Carlo Gozzi?s dramatic piece based on a fairy tale. On the background, a stylized curtain presenting stylized symbols of Turandot?s riddles. At the top, a semicircular inscription in Belorussian language, ?Turandot? with an orange zircon instead of the ?O? letter.