Cameroon – 2024 – 2000 Francs – Inferno Titan SILVER


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Issuing Country Cameroon
Year of Issue 2024
Face Value 2000 Francs CFA
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) 999/1000
Weight 2 oz
Diameter 50 mm
Quality BU
Mintage 39 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features


The Inferno Titan, depicted on a limited series of 2 oz silver coins from the Republic of Cameroon, embodies the raw force of unchecked anger, with only 39 silver-finished, 89 antique-finished, and 129 gold-gilded coins available. One side portrays a blazing home, symbolizing the titan’s unexpected emergence and the potential harm of unchecked anger. Flipping the coin reveals the enraged Inferno Titan, highlighting anger’s overwhelming nature and its disproportionate impact on individuals and surroundings. This symbolism extends to contemporary society, reflecting the challenges of managing anger in a stressful world. Despite its fictional origin, the Inferno Titan resonates deeply, urging individuals to harness their inner fiery energy constructively. Owning a piece of this collection serves as a powerful reminder of internal forces shaping experiences, urging individuals to confront their inner infernos and emerge stronger.