Cameroon – 2024 – 2000 Francs – International Chess 2oz ANTIQUED


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Issuing Country Cameroon
Year of Issue 2024
Face Value 2000 Francs CFA
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) 999/1000
Weight 2 oz
Diameter 50 mm
Quality Antiqued
Mintage 89 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features Color


Introducing the International Chess 2 oz Silver Coin from the Republic of Cameroon – a true masterpiece designed to capture the essence of chess in a way that transcends traditional coin art.

Limited to a prestigious mintage of only 39 in silver, 89 in antique with highlights, and 129 in stunning gold gilded, this coin is a rare gem for connoisseurs of both chess and numismatics. The substantial 50 mm size adds a touch of grandeur to the 2 oz weight, while the intricately detailed relief ensures a truly captivating visual experience.

Chess, a timeless challenge to our minds, is not just a game but a reservoir of cherished memories with parents and grandparents. Each move played is etched vividly in our minds, and the International Chess 2 oz Silver Coin pays homage to those moments of intellectual connection and family joy.

The highlight of this coin lies on its reverse side, where the chess pieces appear to transcend the boundaries of the coin’s flat, 2D surface. Despite the coin’s constraints, the design gives an illusion of depth and movement, making it seem as though the chess pieces are popping out into the real world.

On the obverse, a regal crest accompanies a meticulously crafted chessboard design. The reverse, a true marvel, brings the chess pieces to life in a way that defies the limitations of traditional numismatic art. This coin not only stands as a collector’s item but as a testament to the beauty that emerges when intellect, strategy, and artistic craftsmanship converge.

Elevate your collection with the International Chess 2 oz Silver Coin – a tribute to the rich tapestry of chess memories and a celebration of the timeless beauty of finely crafted numismatic art.