Cameroon – 2025 – 1000 Francs – Napoleon Crossing the Swiss Alps (Elonga bar)


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Issuing Country Cameroon
Year of Issue 2025
Face Value 1000 Francs CFA
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) 999/1000
Weight 1 oz
Diameter 110×131 mm
Quality BU
Mintage 999 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features Color


Embark on a historical odyssey with our latest addition to the series, featuring meticulously crafted coins measuring 110mm x 131mm, employing the revolutionary Elonga Minting technique. Each coin serves as a bridge between historical narratives, seamlessly intertwining tales of exploration and inspiration. Behold on the reverse side the timeless tableau of Napoleon Crossing the Alps, masterfully rendered by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, capturing the essence of Napoleon’s ambition and resolve. Napoleon Bonaparte, an emblematic figure of the 19th century, symbolizes ambition, strategy, and conquest, his meteoric rise from modest origins to Emperor of France altering the fabric of European history. Linked by a shared spirit of leadership and triumph, this coin follows its predecessors in honoring the courage and vision of Joan of Arc, while paying homage to Napoleon’s indomitable spirit. Join us on this journey through the “Legacy Links Series,” as each coin commemorates the enduring legacy of great leaders and pivotal moments, forging new connections in the exploration of history.


Introducing Elonga Minting: Redefining the Art of Coin Crafting

Elonga Minting revolutionizes coin design by introducing a groundbreaking technique that expands the standard 40 mm diameter to an impressive 140 mm, setting a new standard in craftsmanship and durability. Unlike traditional notes, these coins boast remarkable solidity, ensuring a lasting testament to quality. With a focus on elevating the coin collecting experience, Elonga Minting offers a canvas where intricate details are magnified to perfection, showcasing stunning visuals. Experience the future of coin design where size meets strength and beauty knows no bounds, redefining the essence of holding a piece of history in your hands.