Congo – 2006 – 10 Francs – Lucky Pig Silver (PROOF)


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.925 silver with 24kt gilding, 25 grams, 38.61mm diameter, mintage 2500 pieces

Why did the pig also become a fortune symbol? The term ?lucky pig? originates from the middle ages and means to have unexpected luck. At that time the pig was also an object of value.

There were popular matches in which the person who came last would be given a lucky piglet as a consolation prize. So called piglet races were also held. A piglet was released out of a boggy square and was then caught by youngsters. The youngster who caught the fortune pig would then have plenty of luck.

In the middle ages the wild boar also artistically decorated the marksman target. Those who hit the bull?s eye, hit the wild boar which meant they were fortunate and won the main prize. Also on card games images of pigs were illustrated on the aces. By and by such cards became lucky charms and were even higher ranking than the king (acorn pig, bell pig…).

Perhaps the phrase ?lucky pig? should be regarded much more matter of factly. Through the fertility of these animals the holding was proved to be an accumulation of assets ? therefore ?lucky pig?.

All this led to the charming custom of giving away a lucky charm at the turning of the year ? namley a pig.