Congo – 2006 – 10 Francs – The Shtandart clear acrylic (ST)



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Acryl material, 50mm, 1000 pieces

Not only because his body length was over 2 m did the Russian Tsar Peter I (1672-1725) call himself ?Peter the Great?. He saw himself as a resolute modernizer of the army and administration who created a new global power of the underdeveloped Tsar empire.

Symbol for this ?new Russia? was the young capital city St. Petersburg on the gulf of Finland, which foundation stone Peter I laid in 1703. In the same year the initiative Tsar ordered the construction of a new flagship for the Russian navy fleet which he himself also founded. Five months later the Shtandart which was built by 200 men under the command of a Danish master builder left the deck. The proud 28-cannon frigate received its name from a new royal pennant which was carried on the ship and symbolized the imperial demand of Russia. In the, for the Tsar, victorious Nordic war against Sweden this demand was made more than clear ? with relevant participation of the Shtandart .

The 34 m long three-master serviced as a flagship for 16 years before it was discarded in 1719 and due to its bad condition was dispersed of in 1728. Katharina I, Peters successor on the tsar throne, planned an immediate construction of a new Shtandart, however it took more than 250 years to take place. In 1994 a young Russian engineer initiated a facsimile reproduction of the frigate. Due to the great commitment of all those involved and numerous donations, the replica was able to be lowered into the Neva river in St. Petersburg in September 1999 with 40?000 enthusiastic spectators. From that time on the ship with its traditional name thrills the friends of seafaring from near and far. The Shtandart is once again on journeys!