Congo – 2006 – 10 Francs – World Trade Center (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 32 gr.
Diameter: 40 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 5000 pcs.

In 1966 the foundation stone for the construction of the second highest building in the world was laid. This building was 521 meters high. The highest building was the television tower Ostankino-Tower in Moscow with its 540 meters, although the World Trade Centre had the highest terrace on a building which was situated in 417 meters height. The side length of its two towers was 63, 4 x 63, 4 meters.

The building was opened on April 4th, 1973 and had 100 storeys with a surface area of 400.000 m2. Up to 50.000 people worked in the two towers and in the surrounding 5 buildings. The daily average of 80.000 visitors came to the WTC in order to enjoy the terrific panoramic view over Manhattan/ New York. The first-class Restaurant und Bar ?Windows of the World?, was situated on the 106th and 107th floor and ranked among the most attractive restaurants in the New Yorker scene. Advanced bookings, which were necessary to be made weeks before, enabled one to enjoy and savour the nightly view of the city.

The shocking events of the airplane assassination on September 11th 2001 brought the entire complex to collapse. More than 18.000 people were able to leave the building in sufficient time before it caved in. About 3.000 people died.

In place of the WTC a new building complex with a new tower is being constructed. It is called the Freedom Tower and is planed to be 541 meters (1776 ft.) high. This height (1776 ft.) was chosen as this was the independence year of the United States of America.