Cook Islands – 2012 – 10 dollar – Deutschland III – The Cocktail Shaker (PROOF)

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Metal: Gold .585
Weight: 1 g
Size: 13.92 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage 10000

The Deutschland III was an astoundingly fast ship. In 1902 it travelled so fast that it actually lost its rudder during its homeward bound trip from New York.

It took the Deutschland III just five and a half days for the transatlantic route Europe-New York, which earned the shipping company HAPAG the Blue Band Riband of the Atlantic for the fastest Atlantic crossing. Even today, this is an impressive accomplishment, although not nearly as comfortable as on today’s cruiseliners. Due to its high speed and the resulting vibrations the double-screw express steamer was nicknamed “The Cocktail Shaker”. The gold coin shows the Deutschland III on stormy seas at full speed on its record trip towards New York.