Cook Islands – 2013 – 1 dollars – Wildlife Conservation HUMPBACK WHALE (PROOF)


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Metal: Copper Silver Plated
Weight: 25g
Size: 38.61 mm
Mintage: 2500 pcs

The new prism series focuses on species conservation. A typical animal from the North Pole, one from the South Pole and one that swims through all global oceans, and represents all others animals on earth.

The majority of wildlife is endangered or disturbed in its living environment. The current climate changes and increasing human disturbance are happening very fast and these factors pose an almost impossible challenge for the animals. Only our knowledge about them, the understanding of their needs and our general consideration for these wonderful creatures of our earth, can help them. With this coin edition, Cook Islands represent a small reminder of this. We all need to rethink because a big effect can only occur in small steps. For the first time in this prism series each coin has an individual coinage. The adult animal is illustrated in prism technique, whereas the cub is minted in relief. In combination with the outlined background and the inverted lines a very special series has been created.