Cook Islands – 2014 – 5 Dollars – History of the Crusades 6th Crusade FREDERICK II (including box) (ANTIQUE)


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Metal: .925 Silver
Weight: 25gr
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Antique
Special feature: Antique Finish
Mintage: 1’000 pcs

The Sixth Crusade started in 1228 as an attempt to regain Jerusalem. It began seven years after the failure of the Fifth Crusade. It involved very little actual fighting. The diplomatic maneuvering of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II resulted in the Kingdom of Jerusalem regaining control of Jerusalem and other areas for fifteen years.

The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns waged by much of Latin Christian Europe, particularly the Franks of France and the Holy Roman Empire during the 11th to 15th century. Each coin depicting a unique scene from that crusade and the most important commander/leader in that crusade. All finished in Antique making this series a unique piece of history.