Cook Islands – 2014 – 5 Dollars – Paint Your Coin FIRST LOVE (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 20g
Size: 38.61 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 1’500 pcs

An explosion of emotions – that’s First Love. Emotions one never forgets. Experience them again!

What happens in our bodies when our hormones go haywire? These feelings primarily occur in the head. It has been found that when in love, the same regions of the brain are effected as with addicts. The idea that love is a drug of sorts, is therefore not entirely wrong, but fortunately the consequences in most cases are less damaging.

Certainly everyone has heard the term «to have butterflies in one’s tummy» before. That is because our stomach reacts most sensitively to the messages which lover’s brains send. This hormone cocktail directly affects our eating habits; therefore, lovers often lose their appetite.

Nowadays, scientists can interpret many reactions in different body parts of lovers. It is however best not to think too much and just enjoy First Love.