Cook Islands – 2015 – 5 Dollars – Murrine Millefiori Glass Art (including box) (PROOF)

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Available at the end of March 2015, delivery after issue date.

Metal: .999 Silver
Weight: 20g
Diameter: 65 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 999 pcs

The glass processing technique Millefiori was already known in Ancient Rome and is

nowadays mainly continued on the island of Murano near Venice.

Firstly long glass rods, known as murrine, are handmade, cured and then cut into

discs. After that the individual multi-coloured glass discs are placed into a mould,

heated gently and slowly melted. Thus, unique Patterns emerge, of which no two are

alike. The finished artwork explains without words why Millefiori means «thousand

flowers» in Italian.