Cook Islands – 2016 – 5 Dollars – Shades of Nature FIGHTING FISH(including box) (PROOF)


With smartminting technology

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Available at the end of April 2016, delivery after issue date.

Metal: Silver .999 gilded
Weight: 25g
Dimension: 38.61 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 2’000 pcs

Siamese fighting fish have traditionally been bred in Japan for centuries. The ornate males with their glamorous fins are status symbols which compete in exhibitions and championships. Nowadays, siamese fighting fish are appreciated and kept worldwide.

Just like the first two coins of this series, the 2016 issue shows amazing detail by means of precision laser engraving. Furthermore, smartminting has enabled a hitherto unknown interplay of finesse and high relief. It seems as if the fighting fish literally jumps out of the coin.