Cook Islands – 2021 – 20 Dollars – Aztec Coyolxauhqui Stone GILDED – Archeology & Symbolism


Coyolxauhqui Stone is the 6th issue in the Archeology & Symbolism series.

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Issuing Country Cook Islands
Year of Issue 2021
Face Value 20 Dollars
Metal Silver gilded
Fineness (purity) 999/1000
Weight 3 oz (93.3 grams)
Diameter 65 mm
Quality Silk finish
Mintage 99 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features Smartminting, ultra detailed, gilded


The ‘Aztec Coyolxauhqui Stone’ coin is the 6th issue in the ‘Archeology & Symbolism’ series. The impossible has been made possible using the enhanced Smartminting©️ technology and brings the carved Coyolxauhqui Stone disk to life. The coin has an antique or silk finish and is struck on a huge 3 oz pure .999 silver 65mm blank in the highest quality possible. It has a limited mintage of only 333 pcs antiqued (of which 99 are coloured in the original colors of the Aztec empire) and 99 gilded pcs worldwide. The coin comes in a beautiful box with a Certificate of Authenticity. Get the 6th edition of this series now at your regular dealer before it gets sold out as all previous issues did.

Coin description

The reverse of the coin depicts the Coyolxauhqui Stone disk in ultra high relief with all its characteristics including the crack through the middle. Around the disc are various Aztec carvings also originating near the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan in todays Mexico City. On the edge are the inscriptions: “Coyolxauhqui Stone” (the name) and “2021” (the year of issue). It has ultra-high relief and interesting small details of the original Coyolxauhqui Stone and other finds from the Aztec empire.

The obverse side of the coin depicts the Coat of Arms of the Cook Island in a special appearance with the inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II” (name of the Queen), “COOK ISLANDS” (the issuing country), “ARCHEOLOGY & SYMBOLISM” (the name of the series) and “20 DOLLARS” (the face value).

Background information

Coyolxauhqui Stone is a carved Aztec stone dating to the mid-15th century when Axayacatl ruled the Aztec Empire. It depicts Coyolxauhqui in a dismembered pose and was carved from one piece of stone about 3.4 meters in diameter. In the temple it probably served as a warning for the enemies of Tenochtitlan because it was believed that female deities would die first in battle. Coyolxauhqui became to represent all defeated enemies.

The Coyolxauhqui Stone was discovered in 1978 at the site of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan in todays Mexico City. Traces of original color where found which are blue, white, red and yellow. The Coyolxauhqui Stone is one of the best-preserved pieces of Mesoamerican Art.