Kazakhstan – 2006 – 500 Tenge – Red Book Altai Snowcock (PROOF)


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Series of coins Red book of Kazakhstan Devoted to rare and disappeared species of animals of Kazakhstan. Face value is 500 tenge. Coins are made of 925 purity silver. Weight – 24 grams, diameter – 37 mm, thickness – 2,7 mm Quality is proof Legends and imprints are relief. The lateral side in smooth, without corrugations and legends. The issue comprises 3 000 pieces.

On the face side of the coin in the center the legend 500 ТЕҢГЕ is located in two rows indicating the face value of the coin. Under it the figure 2006 indicates the year of coinage. Above figures it is a heraldic representation of a spiral. Along the circumference the legend КАЗАКСТАН YЛТТЫК БАНКІ in Kazakh language. On the upper left part of the coin, in two lines of circumference there are elements of traditional ornament, on the right side ? a circle inscription Ag 925. 24gr. , indicating the production metal, its standard and weight.

On the back side of the coin, on its central part there is an image of two Altai snowcocks. On the circumference there is the legend with the name of the coin АЛТАЙ ҰЛАРЫ in Kazakh language and TETRAOGALLUS ALTAICUS Latin name of the bird.