Mongolia – 2002 – 5000 Tugrik – KM198 Wilf Life Running Horses 5 oz silver (PROOF)


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Mongolia is very famous in breading horses since ancient time. By the end of the Year 2000, 2.6 Mio horses have been counted. The freedom across the wide smooth steppe area is expressed in the posture of the five running horses.

The most traditional event is the celebration of ?Naadam? a national contest in wrestling, archery and horse racing. It is interesting to note, that the winner of the race has to split up the honour with the other4 runners. The victory price is granted to the first five horses finishing the race.

The Obverse of this coins bears the seal of the Central Bank in combination with the ?Soyembo? the National Symbol – an ideogram symbolizing the freedom and independence of Mongolia. The depicted Temple on the right side, is the main building of the Palace Museum of former King Bogdo-gegen and located in Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia.