Mongolia – 2003 – 500 Tugrik – KMnew Wild Life Grey Wolf silver (PROOF)


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Mongolia became the 133thParty to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ? CITES – to protect its rare and endemic animals and plants. The Grey Wolf is listed in the Appendix of this Convention as ?rare and endangered?

Mongolia has a great source of Grey Wolves living in the Siberian Taiga holarct sub region in the northern part of the country. It is no violation in hunting of this species. Grey Wolves are considered as the main ?enemies? of domestic animals in the countryside. Herdsmen are hunting the wolves to protect their live stock. Red Deer and Elk stock was dramatic reduced caused by the great source of Grey Wolves as well.
In 1996 therefore hunting licence were given to regulate the numbers of Grey Wolves and 600 furs have been officially exported. In 1997 only 100 hunting licence were given. In the following years no hunting licence was issued. The last strong winters in Mongolia with the heavy snowfall caused a great loss on breeding stock, but the Grey Wolves pack be recovered again. The export of Wolves alive is now more considered as hunting them by issued licence.