Mongolia – 2004 – 500 Tugrik – KMnew Sea Eagle silver (PROOF)


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Rare and endemic animals and plants are valued and protected by Mongolia to a very high standard. Some years ago the Mongolian Sea-Eagle was near extinction due to excessive hunting by fishermen. They have also been severely threatened by poachers who steal the young nestlings before they are able to fly. The nestlings are then sold to other countries.
The headcount of the Mongolian sea-eagle has been recovered in north western parts of Mongolia due to a strengthening of both educational and criminal legislation. Fishermen have been taught that they will be held accountable for the problems surrounding the sea eagle?s population.
One of the largest birds of prey in Mongolia, the sea-eagle boasts a wingspan of up to 2,5 meters and a body length of 1 meter. The bird is largely monogamous and courtship feeding is used in reproduction. In addition to feeding, males watch over their mate and protect them during incubation. The female lays three to four eggs, typically one or two days apart and which hatch respectively. Usually the chicks learn to fly 7-8 weeks after hatching and thereafter will leave the nest.