Mongolia – 2005 – 500 Tugrik – KMnew Snow Leopard metal: Niobium (PROOF)


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Mongolia maintain very high standards of protection of their rare and endemic animals and plants. One of the most protected animal is the Snow Leopard in the western Altai Mountains.

His tail is almost as long as the body and reach up to 110 to 130 cm and used for balance when jumping down the rocks. He is an excellent climber and night hunter ? his prey are mountain goats, snow rabbits, marmots and other animals living in the mountain area. His natural enemies are attacking wolves pack when trying to access his pray.

Both male and female are marking rocks in their territory, their behaviour is single minded. At the mating season the female is ?calling and seeking? the male. After 100 days she is giving birth of 1 or 2 cubs. In Mongolia approximate 700 Snow Leopards are counted.

WWF estimate the worldwide population between 4000 to 5500 animals only.