Mongolia – 2006 – 500 Togrog – Dancing Queen Figure Skating Silver with diamond (PROOF)


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25 gram .925 silver, 38.61 mm, mintage 2500 pieces, with a real diamond in the crown!! Brilliant Cut 58, 0.02 KT, SL1/2HJ ca. 1.6 mm.

Athletics and dance, tempo, jumps and pirouettes – this special mix is what makes figure skating
into more than just a competitive sport. It?s a real art form that is pulled out of thin air on the ice
and whirled threw the air by the athletes in every new competition.
Ice-skating is by no means a new discovery. People have been moving across frozen water for
centuries. The first skates made of animal bones have now developed into high-tech skates. The
purely practical means of locomotion on frozen canals in mediaeval Europe has now developed
into a global sport of professionals.

The general interest in figure skating increases dramatically during Olympic winters. For a few
fleeting minutes the stars of this sport will perform before the eyes of the world, circling the rink as veritable dancing
queens and kings, possibly even to the rousing rhythms of ABBA.

Every top performance demands talent, discipline and a great deal of hard work, whether in sport or in the art of coinage.
In both cases the jury only awards good marks for a perfect combination of technical precision and aesthetic impression.
An elegant figure skater is thus a perfect subject for a coin.

In addition to elegance, verve and music this set of coins from Mongolia is impressive due to the particularly high degree
of technical difficulty involved: not only the crown sized high relief silver coin but also the small gold coin is set off by a
valuable diamond.