Mongolia – 2006 – 500 Togrog – Gobi-Bear Silver with Crystal (PROOF)


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25 gram .925 silver, 38.61 mm, 2500 pieces

The wild animals threatened with extinction include the Gobi Bear (URSUS ARCTOS GOBIENSIS), also known as the Mazaalai, a
small sub-species of the brown bear. It lives predominantly in the higher regions of the Gobi Desert and feeds mainly on
plants. It has been estimated that a mere 30 specimens of this bear, which weighs about 110kg, now survive. Mongolia?s
environment ministry has already had to intervene on a number of occasions to ensure that the small Gobi Bear
population has sufficient food to get through severe winters.

A large number of animals and plants inhabit most of the world?s desert regions despite conditions that are ? supposedly
? completely hostile to life. Dry, barren surroundings and severe fluctuations in temperature force them to adjust to their
environment in quite special ways and to deal very carefully with the sparse water resources available. After a sudden
rainfall, however, the wilderness often bursts into glorious colour and the animal world witnesses astonishing activity.

Life in the Gobi Desert is particularly diverse. After the Sahara Desert, the world?s second largest arid area covers an
area between China and Mongolia which exceeds one million square kilometres. Home to numerous insects and reptiles,
it also hosts gazelles, leopards and wolves. Recently, the extremely sensitive eco-system has increasingly been put at
risk ? mainly as a result of human intervention. For this reason, Mongolia declared parts of the Gobi Desert national
conservation areas at an early stage.

This fine silver and gold coin series with genuine Swarovski components intends to continue building up sensitivity for a
beautiful natural area that is now under threat. It displays three typical representatives of the Gobi Desert?s impressive