Niue – 2020 – 10 Dollar – Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy with 1000 hands


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Issuing Country Niue
Year of Issue 2020
Face Value 10 Dollars
Metal Silver & Copper
Fineness (purity) 999/1000
Weight 5 oz Ag + 28.5 oz Cu
Diameter 120 mm
Quality Antique
Mintage 199
Scope of Delivery Box
Special features


THEME The 8 Protectors are a group of 8 Buddhist deities that serve as the protectors of the 12 zodiac animals it is associated
with along with the people born in that animal year. Among the eight, four guards the four cardinal directions while the other four
guard the four semi-directions. The Goddess of Mercy with One Thousand Hands, who protects the Rat of the zodiacs, is often
worshipped and prayed to for avoiding illness, eye problems, and blindness. The different objects held in the deity hands are tools
of salvation and symbolizes the diversity of the deity’s many salvific roles.

DESIGN The 5 oz fine-silver coin is strucked in a
new minting technique that combines another layer
of 28.5 oz of copper resulting in super ultra high relief
while being topped off with silver antique finishing.
The collectible highlights the bodhisattva as the focal
point on the reverse with many of the thousand hands
with title surrounding the character. While the
obverse features a “bagua/8 symbols” with a wheel
of 12 zodiac animals, with the Rat highlighted as the
animal the bodhisattva is protecting in the year 2020,
finished with a round shaped yinyang as the backdrop
for the legal tender.