Palau – 2006 – 5 Dollars – Rainbow Lorikeet Silver (PROOF)


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The island paradise of Palau not only offers an extensive wealth of animal observations for diving fans, it absolutely cries
out for a visit from bird fans too. By means of these three coinages, the issuing country wants to attract attention to the
superb, colourful bird world. Implemented in the ever-successful prism series, the birds are able to show off their best

The Rainbow Lorikeet grows to 25-30cm. The plumage on head and belly is blue, that on the back, underbelly and tail is
green, and that of the neck is red. The beak is red and the eyes are black.
The geographic range is situated in North and East Australia, as well as on many South West Pacific islands, stretching
as far as Indonesia. Light forests, parks, gardens and coconut groves serve as habitat.
The nest is frequently in a hollow tree and is usually lined with decayed wood. During the breeding period from August to
January the female lays 2 eggs and hatches these alone. The offspring are ready to leave the nest after 7 – 8 weeks.
The food consists of juicy fruits, pollen and nectar, to which the Lorikeet is well adapted due to the brush-shaped, frayed
tongue, thus playing an important role in the pollination of many types of trees and shrubs. Sometimes seeds and insects
are also on the menu.

FACE VALUE : 5 Dollars
YEAR : 2006
METAL : Silver .925
WEIGHT : 28gr
DIAMETER : 38.61 mm
MINTAGE : 2500 pcs