Palau – 2006 – 5 Dollars – Superb Fruit Dove Silver (PROOF)


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The island paradise of Palau not only offers an extensive wealth of animal observations for diving fans, it absolutely cries
out for a visit from bird fans too. By means of these three coinages, the issuing country wants to attract attention to the
superb, colourful bird world. Implemented in the ever-successful prism series, the birds are able to show off their best

The Superb Fruit Dove is a small colourful bird, with the male and female differing greatly in form and colouring. While
the male?s appearance is very colourful and delights the eye with its multicoloured composition, the female?s plumage is
more basic. Her usually superbly coloured plumage acts as amazingly good camouflage among the branches. In the
chameleonic change between light and shadow, the bird?s contours melt into the background. The Fruit Doves only very
rarely leave the treetops to occasionally search for food on the ground. It is amazing just how large the fruit and seeds on
which the Fruit Doves feed can be at times.

FACE VALUE : 5 Dollars
YEAR : 2006
METAL : Silver .925
WEIGHT : 28gr
DIAMETER : 38.61 mm
MINTAGE : 2500 pcs