Palau – 2007 – 1 Dollar – Seahorse Prism CuNi (PROOF)


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Metal: Copper-Nickel
Weight: 26 gr.
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Prooflike
Mintage: 2500 pcs.

No less spectacular is the Seahorse (hippocampus). Naturally it is not a horse but a fish which originates from the pipefish family. With about 50 species it populates the oceans worldwide and its measurements lie between 1½ and 30 centimetres depending on the type. The Seahorse, the Nautilus and the Starfish are endangered species. The main reason is the threatening destruction of their natural habitat and their popularity as tourist souvenirs.

The pacific islands of Palau are a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Within these pristine reefs and the jagged steep face on the coastline the biggest marine diversity in the world is situated: fascinating fish, corals and shells in all shapes and colours. By means of these three new coins in dazzling prism technology Palau would like to point out its marvellous yet extreme delicate Sea World.