Palau – 2007 – 5 Dollars – Lourdes with real water (PROOF)

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Metal: Silver .925

Weight: 25 gr.

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Quality: Proof

Mintage: 2500 pcs

It was February 11th 1858 close to the small village Lourdes in the South of France. Bernadette Soubirous was collecting firewood when she heard a strange wind gust. ?I saw a woman dressed in white: she wore a white gown, an equally white veil, a blue girdle and a yellow rose on each foot.?

The fourteen year old girl saw the vision of Virgin Mary a dozen times in the following days, while more and more curious people observed her. During one of these private appearances a source was laid open in the remote Grotto of Massabielle. When in the evening one week later, a woman bathed her lame arm in the water and was suddenly able to move it; the Lourdes Grotto drew even more attention. Physicians and official church representatives reacted doubtfully toward Bernadette?s visions and the occurred healings. After four years of research and enquiries the responsible bishop avowed the visions as authentic. The consistent occurrence of the revelation, but mainly the moderate and reliable character of Bernadette, convinced him.

Since 1858 the Lourdes Grotto, which had soon expanded with more churches, attracts millions of pilgrims. Especially for the old and sick the pilgrimage to the South of France, bathing in the source water and the collective prayers is connected to hope and comfort. In view of the 150th anniversary of the first appearance, the Republic of Palau presents a special commemorative coin. It shows an accurate image of the Lourdes Madonna with a cast-in glass pipette which contains water from the famous source. With this silver coin you are able to bring home some of the special atmosphere to those whom it is not possible to pilgrim to Lourdes themselves. A part of the revenue goes to the ?Office Chrétien des personnes Handicapés? (O.C.H.). This French organisation makes it possible for handicapped people to pilgrim to Lourdes.