Palau – 2008 – 10 Dollars – Tiffany Art 4 Mannerism (PROOF)

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Year: 2008
Face value: 10 Dollars
Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 2 OZ
Diameter: 50 mm
Quality: Antique-finish
Mintage: 999 pcs.

The famous epoch-terms used in the history of art mostly originated in the aftermath. Romanticism and Baroque are creations of the 19th century; the Gothic period was first referred to in the 16th century by the Italian Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574). It was also Vasari who characterised Mannerism, although already as a contemporary. He referred to Michelangelo?s late style as maniera (?manner? or ?style?). Yet soon the term was also applied to Michelangelo?s successors and today the epoch of the late renaissance between 1550 and 1600 is generally referred to as Mannerism.

The Early and High Renaissance aspires a ?classical? design vocabulary with simple lines, clear proportions and ideal bodies whereas Mannerism inclines to exaggeration. The shapes are often complicated and artificial; the bodies have out of balance poses which are extra long and twisted.

Just like the Renaissance, Mannerism originates from Florence as well and even today a range of these masterpieces are still there to be admired. For example the Studiolo which belonged to the first Grand Prince of Tuscany, Cosimo de? Medici (1519-1547). The big patron had the best artists of that time decorate his private study in the Palazzo Vecchio: the painting was done by Giorgio Vasari and the sculptures were created by Ammanati, Danti, Bandini, Stoldo and Giambologna.

The reverse of a new votive coin shows a marvellous insight into this small treasury, reinforced with a further highlight of Mannerism, the Madonna with the Long Neck from Parmigianino (1503-1540). The obverse shows the famous Scala Regia of the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola, a work of Vignola (1507-1573). The architectural high-relief is punctuated by an oval window in colour, entirely according to the Tiffany glass tradition. Therewith this coin edition seamlessly ranks into the extremely successful Tiffany Art Series.