Palau – 2009 – 5 Dollars – Fall of the Berlin Wall (PROOF)



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Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 25 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2’009 pcs.
Partially coloured. Features a real piece of the Berlin Wall.

On November 9, 2009 it is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The building started on August 13, 1961 and today the remains of this structure are a symbol for failed ideology and politics.

The 3.40 to 4.20 meter high wall had an impressive length of almost 170 kilometres. The wall led along the borders of the Soviet zone through houses, streets, parks and waters of Berlin. During the 38 years of this blots existence many people attempted to conquer this barrier against capitalism and tried to flee to the West. Under extreme conditions using burrowed tunnels, hot-air balloons, prepared getaway cars and even in a mini submarine, some succeeded.

In order to keep its history ever-present the former main crossing ?Checkpoint Charly? is now a museum and memorial site. This partly coloured coin edition with an inserted piece of the original Berlin wall is also a contribution to the remembrance of the dramatic events during the peaceful revolution in autumn 1989.