Palau – 2011 – 5 Dollars – Incense Smelling Coin (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 20 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2’500 pcs.
Smelling coin

Incense occurs when resin is smoked. Resin is obtained from different trees that mainly grow wild in parts of India, Africa and Arabia. These trees “white blood” was already used by the ancient Egyptians as an aromatic and disinfectant aid during mummification.

Besides the subtle flavoursome incense is used for rituals in various religions since many hundreds of years. In Christianity and Judaism incense, among other things, symbolises the following: spiritualization and high aiming.

Furthermore new surveys have shown that the “Holy Smoke“ has anti-infl ammatory and soothing effects. For example the use on rheumatism patients have achieved several successes.

While rubbing the coloured coin surface the incense scent rises to your nose.