Palau – 2012 – 5 Dollars – Mystery of the Sea Marine Life Protection (incl box) (PROOF)


with a real pearl!

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Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 25 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: proof
Mintage: 2’500 pcs.

For more than 5’000 years the pearl has been known for possessing great mystical and material significance. The mysterious origin of the pearl is most probably the reason why healing and magical qualities have been attributed to it since antiquity. In Roman times their colours were given special features. Yellow pearls meant wealth, brown meant wisdom; white pearls signified freedom, love and beauty. A green pearl is supposed to bring happiness and is believed to be a lucky symbol even today.

Pearls have been a symbol for purity, beauty and love for thousands of years now – a splendid idea for a present. Why not also give someone a wonderful piece of history?