Saint Helena – 2021 – 2 Pounds – Napoleon 200th Anniversary (small gold)


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Issuing Country Saint Helena
Year of Issue 2021
Face Value 2 Pounds
Metal Gold
Fineness (purity) 9999/1000
Weight 0.5 gr
Diameter 11 mm
Quality PROOF
Mintage 2500 pcs.
Scope of Delivery Certificate
Special features


This unique and special edition of Napoleon coins are a fitting tribute to the 200th Anniversary of his passing. Very few leaders in world history have had such an impact. What would the world look like if he would have won at Waterloo?

These coins are issued by the island of Saint Helena. Saint Helena is a British territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean 1870 km away from the coast of South Africa. It is here where Napoleon spent the last 6 years of his life living in exile. Even while in exile, he studied English with the goal of being able to read English newspapers and books. He was a natural born leader from a very young age and these four coins uniquely capture a time in his life when his life had no boundaries.

The coins show designs that capture a youthful Napoleon in Ultra High Relief detail, quite different than the traditional images that exist. His strong features as well as his aspiring expression on his face hints at the extraordinary future he will eventually have. Behind him is the Arc de Triomphe which has been a fitting legacy monument to his greatness. Around the outside edge are his lifetime milestones which list the many reasons he was so heralded.

There will be a silver 2 oz and a 1 oz Proof. Mintage on the 2 oz will be only 821 and the mintage on the 1 oz only 1821. There will be a 1/4 oz gold Proof as well as a half gram gold Proof. Similar in design to the silver pieces with an extraordinary amount of detail and relief. Mintage on the 1/4 oz gold is a very small 500 and the mintage on the half gram is only 2500.

“History is written by winners” (Napoleon Bonaparte)

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