Samoa – 2010 – 10 Dollars – Preussen Windjammer (PROOF)


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10 Dollars Silver .925 20gr 38.61 mm PROOF 2?500

Windjammers of the World – Preussen
The freight sailing vessel Preussen was launched on May 7, 1902 in Bremerhaven. This ship belonged to the famous P-Line of the Hamburg Shipping company F. Laeisz and was, at that time, the biggest sailing vessel in the world with no additional auxiliary drive. The ships hull which was made of high quality steel was also unique within the merchant fleet world.

As a five mast vessel the Preussen possessed over 45 sails with a total area of more than 6.800 square meters. Therewith she was able to reach a travelling speed of up to 20 knots. She was nearly 150 meters long and was able to transport 8000 tons of cargo.

The Preussens main itinerary route was Hamburg ? Chile carrying saltpetre for the production of fertiliser in Europe. Because the Panama Canal was still in its building phase up until 1914, coming from the Atlantic, the ship had to pass the Strait of Magellan into the Pacific in order to head for Chile. Instead of the usual 70-72 days the Preussens record journey only took
57 days. In 1908/1909 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1908/1909 end_of_the_skype_highlighting she also made a journey around the world as a charter ship.

On November 6, 1910 the Preussen was rammed by a steamship in the English Channel and stranded on a rock at the foot of Dover?s cliffs. Even 12 towboats failed to rescue the Windjammer. To this day one can still see the remains of the wreckage in Crab Bay at low tide.