Solomon Islands – 2010 – 10 Dollar – Common Spotted Cuscus (PROOF)


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Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 25 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2’500 pcs.

Partially coloured. Features two real „CRYSTALLIZED TM -Swarovski Elements“.

The Common Spotted Cuscus belongs to the family of Phalangendae. These animals are mainly found north of Australia, in New Guinea, on the Indonesian Islands as well as on the Solomon Islands. They inhabit the lowland of tropical rain- and mangrove forests. Their life expectation in freedom amounts to about 11 years and in confinement up to 17 years.

Depending on the body length, which lies between 35-65 cm, and the feeding possibilities they reach a weight of 1 to 6 kg. The Common Spotted Cuscus moves very slowly between the trees and uses its tail as a fifth limb. He is a nocturnal animal. His diet consists of leaves, blossoms, fruit, insects and small mammals, which he can eat without difficulty, thanks to his excellent digestive system and his strong teeth.

His reproduction is not based on a fixed mating season. After a gestation period of only
13 days they give birth to 1-2 young. At the age of seven months the young are independent. Birds of prey and snakes are the Common Spotted Cuscus natural enemy. Furthermore they are hunted by the humans as their fur and meat are in great demand.