Andorra – 2010 – 2 Diners – Pyrenees Wildlife CANTABRIAN BROWN BEAR (PROOF)


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Face Value Metal Fineness Weight Diameter Quality Mintage
5 Dinars Silver .999 1/2oz 35mm PROOF 3’000

Cantabrian brown bear refers to a population of Eurasian brown bears (Ursus actos arctos) living in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain. Females weigh, on average, 85kg but can reach a weight of 150kg. Males average 115kg though can weigh as much as 200kg. The bear measures between 1.6 – 2m in length and between 0.90 -1m at shoulder height. In Spain, it is known as the Oso pardo cantábrico and, more locally, in Asturias as Osu. It is timid and will avoid human contact whenever possible. The Cantabrian brown bear can live for around 25-30 years in the wild.